I have done a very small amount of work on Hat. I have compiled Hat for Windows, and am writing a GUI for Hat.

Screenshot of GUI for hat-stack Screenshot of GUI for hat-cover

Hat on Windows

Download from here.

All hat utilities are available and seem to work apart from:

In addition, there is also hat-make, which is windows only hmake -hat alternative.

Instructions for installing

Extract the contents of the .zip file into a folder preserving directory structure.

Add the folder containing hat-make to your %PATH% variable, this is 100% required, even if you give the explicit path to hat-make when you use it.

Make sure ghc is available on your system and has been added to the %PATH%.

Instructions for use

cd to the directory containing your Haskell source

hat-make Main.hs
main arguments
hat-stack Main.hat
hat-observe Main.hat

I have tested the programs, and they all work quite well - I have not run into any limitations beyond those which happen on Hat on Linux as well.


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