0.15 released!

Jose A. Ortega Ruiz jao at gnu.org
Mon Jun 4 13:46:45 BST 2012


I've just released version 0.15 of xmobar.  In the release notes below
you'll see there's a new compilation option to use GHC's threaded
runtime: one person has reported that xmobar won't work unless you set
that option, but i haven't been able to reproduce the problem:  please
let me know if you need it too, so that we make it the default.

I've been also having problems latetly with the disk usage monitor in my
thinkpad: since a couple months ago or so, xmobar will just die without
any warning, reason or rhyme every now and then... i'm blaming the
statfs FFI calls, because i would expect an exception or similar on the
Haskell side.  Please let me know if you're also suffering from this

Happy monitoring!

## Version 0.15 (June 4, 2012)

_Incompatible changes_

  - `Batt` monitor no longer uses `-c` to specify the charge file: it
    should figure things out by itself (cf. [issue 69]).

_New features_

  - New command line option, `-C`, that allows *adding* commands to
    those specified in the configuration file (Ben Boeckel).
  - Dependency on GHC's threaded runtime has been eliminated.
  - New MPRIS (versions 1 and 2) monitor, by Artem Tarasov.
  - New monitor option `-d` to specify the number of decimal places to
    display for float numbers.  Defaults to 0. See [issue 58].
  - New compilation option `--with_threaded`, to use GHC's threaded
    runtime to compile xmobar.  Disabled by default (cf. discussion in
    [github #36]).

_Bug fixes_

  - Stricter build dependencies versioning in cabal file.
  - [issue 56]: vertical alignment of text improved.
  - [issue 64]: display of `watts` in `Batt` monitor fixed.
  - [issue 69]: miscellaneous battery reporting issues.
  - [issue 67]: compilation in DragonFly.
  - DiskIO works also when device path in mtab are symbolic links
    to the real device file.
  - Wireless monitor honours padding settings for ESSID names.
  - CoreTemp monitor fixed for newer kernels ([github #38]).

[issue 56]: http://code.google.com/p/xmobar/issues/detail?id=56
[issue 58]: http://code.google.com/p/xmobar/issues/detail?id=58
[issue 64]: http://code.google.com/p/xmobar/issues/detail?id=64
[issue 67]: http://code.google.com/p/xmobar/issues/detail?id=67
[issue 69]: http://code.google.com/p/xmobar/issues/detail?id=69
[github #36]: https://github.com/jaor/xmobar/issues/38
[github #38]: https://github.com/jaor/xmobar/issues/38

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 how fast light travels it finds the darkness has always got there first,
 and is waiting for it."
  -Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man

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