Issue 11 in xmobar: Abnormally high cpu load on X

xmobar at xmobar at
Tue Dec 7 10:22:40 EST 2010

Comment #26 on issue 11 by klu... at Abnormally high cpu load on X

I still see this problem, with the following versions:

xmobar: 0.9.2 (Ubuntu)
xmonad: 0.9.1 (Ubuntu)
xorg: 1:7.5+5ubuntu1
linux: 2.6.32-25

If I'm reading this bug report correctly, those are versions for which the  
problem was thought to be solved.  If I'm wrong and just need to update my  
software, that's good, too.

	xorg.conf  499 bytes
	xmonad.hs  1.3 KB
	.xmobarrc  869 bytes

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