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Sun Aug 21 20:11:11 BST 2011

#51: optimization of fst . unzip . zip
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 Version:  0.7                     |   Resolution:     
Keywords:  code-path optimization  |  

Comment(by choener):

 Currently, what is going on is always:
 g i z = map (\k -> (k, work k)) $ enumFromN i z

 That is a generator produces indices 'k' which are paired with a function
 doing work. In the forward phase, we are only interested in the work:
 reduce i z = fold reducer neutral $ g i z

 In the backtrace, we need the index as well -- but do not care about
 xs <- toList $ g i z

 I'll  upload a number of libraries in the coming days. Once done I'll hope
 to have some time to optimize those.

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