[rmonad] welcome

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li
Tue Mar 17 17:19:30 EDT 2009


A warm welcome to the 2 other members of this mailing list :-)

I created it because it was easy to do and I think it's worthwhile having 
discussions archived and having the opportunity for them to be more than 
just between me and the person asking about something.

I'd quite like to see if rmonad can get into the Haskell Platform once 
that gets off the ground - probably not the first release since as I 
understand it that'll just be the old GHC extralibs + cabal-install and 
dependencies, but hopefully the next one. It will depend on associated 
datatypes being considered a suitable extension for the platform to depend 
on, though.

Please do start a discussion on here (probably as a separate thread) if 
there is something you think rmonad should be doing.



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