first project on OS X

Jürgen Nicklisch-Franken jnf at
Fri Sep 18 13:46:29 EDT 2009

Hello Tim,
And the final answer is: ...
who knows.

Please add your .cabal and .hs project files so we can see what happens.
(This is not a Leksah specific error message).


Am Donnerstag, den 17.09.2009, 15:31 -0400 schrieb Tim Sears:
> I successfully installed and started leksah (yea!).
> Working through the very first example in the tutorial (using junk2 as  
> my package name), I get this error in the configure stage:
> "Setup: Package junk2-0.0.0 can't be built on this system".  I hope  
> that's not the final answer!
> -Tim
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