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Hamish Mackenzie hamish at
Thu May 14 10:35:12 EDT 2009

I have not tried leksah on OSX with 6.10.2 yet.  I am afraid you may
experience problems with gtk2hs 0.10.0 (still the default for
MacPorts).  So it might be a good idea to upgrade to gtk2hs 0.10.1
(which I understand has some important changes to support 6.10.2).  I
have attached an updated Portfile for gtk2hs 0.10.1

Replace the file
with the one attached then run
    sudo port uninstall gtk2hs
    sudo port -k install gtk2hs

Next thing is to avoid that Cabal error.  From ...
    "Currently you have to change Cabal == to Cabal >=
in the leksah.cabal file by hand. So you have to install leksah with
runhaskell Setup configure (--user) ... We will fix this with the next

This means you will need to download and extract the leksah.tar.gz
file or run "darcs get"

Edit leksah.cabal as described (I think the darcs version is actually
fixed already)
Then in the same directory as the leksah.cabal file run
    cabal install

I will probably try this with GHC 6.10.2 or maybe .3 this weekend on
my intel Mac.  Please let us know how you get on on the PPC as I don't
know if anyone has tried that yet.

2009/5/14 interferenz <x42 at>:
> Hello,
> I have tried to install Leksah via MacPorts on OSX 10.5.6 PPC, but the
> following
> error occurred:
> cabal install leksah
> Resolving dependencies...
> cabal: dependencies conflict: ghc-6.10.2 requires Cabal ==
> however
> Cabal- was excluded because Cabal- was selected instead
> Cabal- was excluded because leksah- requires Cabal ==1.6.0
> I have installed ghc 6.10.2.with sudo port -k install ghc gtk2hs hs-
> cabal, ghc 6.10.1 was already installed.
> Obviously there is a version conflict, how can I solve it?
> I am not a dedicated unix dude by the way...
> greetings
> Volker
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