Font error

Zachary Turner divisortheory at
Thu Mar 26 17:07:56 EDT 2009

What does this mean when starting Leksah?

(leksah.exe:2684): Pango-WARNING **: failed to create cairo scaled font,
ugly output. the offending font is 'Monospace 9.9990234375'

I'm using Windows XP.  The output doesn't look ugly as it warns me, except
that I get lots of garbled text in the window, and the editor seems to get
confused about which line is being edited.  It will shuffle around text in
the editing pane and make it appear on seemingly random lines.  Especially
when I highlight a block of text with the mouse, all the text gets all
messed up.  However if I simply alt-tab out to a different window and then
come back, the text is restored.  So it seems like just an issue of display,
not necessarily that it's being corrupted internally.

Could the aforementioned font issue be causing this?

Also, I cannot get the module / source file browser to work.  I've created a
new package then created a new source file.  I typed a simple program,

module Main (main) where

test :: Int →  Int
test x = x

main = do
    test 4

And no information about this appears anywhere in the browser.  Am I doing
something wrong?  (Sorry, a bit new to Haskell)
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