leksah feedback and bug

Jürgen Nicklisch-Franken jnf at arcor.de
Tue Mar 24 06:41:43 EDT 2009

Hallo Sean,
nice to hear from you again. Yes, leksah is in an early stage 
and we need a lot of improvements:

> I started using leksah for some real work and I like it however I know
> a few improvements that would make it better. 
> My first idea is to have a package wizard, something that comes up and
> asks for all the information instead of having to fill out all the
> information manualy. Perhaps the wizard might create one "skeleton
> file" with some basic code in it like a "hello world".

These package files are big and complex, and the cabal editor is quite
boring and unpopular work for me. I have plans to improve it to make it
more convenient to use (e.g. add "base" by default to a new
project, ...), but I wouldn't start a wizard. However I would love to
see someone doing it. 

> My second idea is when you create a new file have it prompt you if you
> wish to add it to the currently open project.

You can do this already by selecting "Add module" in the context module
of the modules pane. It then adds the new module to the project and
opens a sceleton file. At this place a "Move module" and "Remove module"
is missing.

> Third idea is to have a project view panel, where you would have the
> name of the project and a tree-view with all the source files,
> resources and data associated with the package.

That is in fact missing. Every other IDE has this I guess. (Maybe that's
the reason it has no priority for me?)

> I would be willing to help with these feature however I'm just
> starting off learning Haskell so I don't feel I could contribute too
> much.

In Haskell you can always feel like a beginner, that's make it
interesting to me. Every contribution welcome.

> Last but not least there is a bug with 0.4.3 in the auto completition
> where the options inside the autocomplete aren't contained within the
> scroll area it pops up. Also when the popup disappears the area it was
> covering does not refresh until you type over it.
> http://seoushi.com/images/9/97/Leskah-bug.jpg is an example of this
> bug.

Thanks for reporting this.

> Thanks for all your work and help,
> Sean Chapel


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