problem linking gtksourceview

Bart De Vylder bartdevylder at
Fri Jul 31 04:56:01 EDT 2009

Hi Maciej,
thanks for the answer. I used the gth2hs windows installer so didn't build
it myself, but the gtksourceview libs are there and the ghc package
description contains the correct paths. I just don't know exactly how ghc
calls ld.exe, even with option verbose this remains hidden.

2009/7/30 Maciej Noszczyński <maciej.noszczynski at>

> Hello, Bart.
> >> [55 of 55] Compiling Main             ( src\Main.hs,
> >> dist\build\leksah\leksah-tmp\Main.o )
> >>
> >> Linking dist\build\leksah\leksah.exe ...
> >>
> >> C:\app\Haskell_Platform\2009.2.0.1\gcc-lib\ld.exe: cannot find
> >> -lgtksourceview-2.0
> Have you built gtk2hs with gtksourceview support? (probably). AFAIK
> GHC on Windows comes with its own GCC. Maybe you should try to provide
> some paths or even copy gtksourceview libraries from your system GCC
> (if any) to the one in GHC distribution?
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