New release of Leksah

Maciej Noszczyński maciej.noszczynski at
Sun Jul 26 16:11:01 EDT 2009

>> It seems that this helper doesn't understand qualified names. On a
>> hello-world project if I do "fromList [(1, 2)]" then it fixes the
>> import allright. If I instead write "Data.Hashtable.fromList" then it
>> says something like "Identifier Hashtabl not found in imported
>> packages".
> For me it always worked well with qualified imports. I have to test it,
> but since I start traveling tomorrow and have not prepared I have no
> time now. You can check if the metadata needed is really their and you
> can start leksah from a console and check for any errors from the
> parser.

I've tried with today's darcs build. Metadata updated, configured,
built. Still says "Identifier HashTabl not found in imported packages"
for "Data.HashTable.fromList" qualified name when I try to import it.


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