osx install fail

erik flister erik.flister at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 19:15:02 EDT 2009

couple more issues:

-everything in the edit menu should be in the context menu (aligning,
shifting, commenting, etc)

-i get double instances of "Integral" and "Real" showing up in the interface
list for a (data) type that implements these classes.  one (helpfully) links
to the instance declaration, the other (unhelpfully) to the type
definition.  what one wants is a list of links to the class methods
implemented, listed hierarchically under each class instance (toRational,
toInteger, etc), with type signatures displayed in the info pane (currently
just shows a comment specifying the package/module that defines the type).
only for derived methods should the link go just to the type definition
(would be nice to actually link to the default method in the class
definition).  it's unhelpful to have the constructor and data members
("slots") in the list in addition to the (data) type definition (the root
for that data type).  for newtypes with hidden constructors, the public
constructor should be grouped with the type, rather than being separate and
looking unrelated.  also, is there any way to hilite the minimum required
methods in a class (these seem only informally enforced in haskell,

-allow sorting interfaces alphabetically by name (within the hierarchical

-the same problem as <<loop>> happens when i call a function i've set equal
to undefined -- it prints out of order.  (sometimes in the middle of the
printout of a list in what should be a sequentially earlier print

-i think i figured out the cause of the debugging problem.  when i push the
'use ghci debugger to build and run' button, the log prints out "Setup:
Cannot find the program 'ghc' at 'leksahecho' or on the path".  but ghc is
on my path, i promise (you've been building, after all!).
erik-flisters-macbook-pro:~ eflister$ which ghc

i missed this for a long time because it was just quietly showing up in the
log.  it should be an error that prevents me from opening the debug viewer
or pushing the debug button.  come to think of it, the debug button should
be eliminated -- having the debug viewer open should tell you i want to

-compiling is like 20x slower than in ghc or ghci (which are instantaneous
for my project vs. ~2sec in leksah).

-the list of "tabs" in the package editor (all the different pages you can
access, including the Dependency editor, target Executable editor, Build
Infos, etc) needs a scrollbar.  the Build Infos should be grouped

-have you seen xcode's way of communicating nesting?  worth copying.

-another reason not to constantly spew building reports into the log with
every keystroke -- it scrolls away useful info there that one is using.

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