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Jürgen Nicklisch-Franken jnf at
Thu Jul 23 14:47:14 EDT 2009

Am Donnerstag, den 23.07.2009, 18:51 +0200 schrieb Maciej Noszczyński:
> >        New: With version 0.6 for a pleasant visual appearance, you have
> >        to copy
> >        or append the .gtkrc-2.0 file from the Leksah data folder or
> >        from the
> >        data folder in Leksah sources to your home folder. (Manual 7)
> I don't think that globally changing the user's visual preferences is
> the way to go. Wouldn't it be possible to make the tabs just a little
> bit wider?

That's not a global change, but leksah specific parameter that can't be
set in another way, as far as I know. The problem is, that gtk2hs
toolkit doesn't bind the function to read a string and parses it as
configuration data. If you can help me with this make a gtk2hs patch. I
can look up the name of the function for you.

> >        > • does importing some module need its package to be specified
> >        in
> >        > dependencies first? Would it be possible to automatically add
> >        package to
> >        > dependencies if I wanted to use something from it?
> >
> >        The import helper just looks in imported packages, so if you
> >        miss a
> >        package import, you have to fix it manually. It would be an
> >        interesting
> >        feature for the future.
> It would be very nice to be able to right-click (or double click) on
> some name in modules browser and be able to insert into edited source
> where the cursor was last standing with the imports fixed.

That seems like a good idea. It shouldn't be too difficult.

> >        > • adding imports based on errors from log doesn't seem to work
> >        for me:
> >        > for "src/Main.hs:22:16: Not in scope: `Data.Graph.buildG'" if
> >        I click
> >        > /add import/ I get "Identifier Grap not found in imported
> >        packages"
> >
> >        This may be: The metadata collector has a problem parsing your
> >        file. Or
> >        the metadata is not up to date. So try to click on "Update
> >        metadata". If
> >        it stilll don't work try to look at the Metadata collection
> >        section of
> >        the manual, and try to report the original error.
> It seems that this helper doesn't understand qualified names. On a
> hello-world project if I do "fromList [(1, 2)]" then it fixes the
> import allright. If I instead write "Data.Hashtable.fromList" then it
> says something like "Identifier Hashtabl not found in imported
> packages".

For me it always worked well with qualified imports. I have to test it,
but since I start traveling tomorrow and have not prepared I have no
time now. You can check if the metadata needed is really their and you
can start leksah from a console and check for any errors from the

> [...]
> >        This is because cabal install uses the per user database of
> >        haskell
> >        packages, while the default is the machine database. So you have
> >        to add
> >        --user to the ConfigFlags in Package / Package Flags.
> >
> >        > Out of these problems the last one is the most important as it
> >        prevents
> >        > me from using my locally-installed packages in Leksah.
> >
> >        So, the last one was easy.
> Thanks. That helped. Shame there isn't a checkbox for that.

Ok, you can do it. Or hire 5 programmers.

> This post contains some critique, but I really appreciate the work you
> have done so far on the IDE.

Yes it is indeed a lot of work, and it is nice you say this.

> Greetings, Maciej

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