New release of Leksah

Jürgen Nicklisch-Franken jnf at
Tue Jul 21 17:00:52 EDT 2009

Just uploaded the 0.6 release of Leksah to HackageDB. Because we don't
manage to test and install on all platforms we need your help. Please
test if installation and configuration works for you and give us


>From the release notes of the manual:

Version 0.6 Beta Release Juli 2009

The 0.6 version introduces a debugger mode. This mode can be switched on
and off from the toolbar. In debugger mode expressions can be evaluated
and the type of expressions can be shown. The GHCi debugger is
integrated, so that breakpoints can be set, it is possible to step
through the code and observe the values of variables. The other features
of Leksah like building in the background and reporting errors on the
fly work in debugger mode as in compiler mode.

Another new feature is integration of grep and text search with regular
expression. This can be accessed from the findbar.
The GUI framework has been enhanced, so that layouts can be nested in so
called group panes. This feature is used for the debugger pane.
Furthermore notebooks can be detached, so that Leksah can be used on
multiple screens. A lot of little enhancements has been made and
numerous bugs has been fixed.

Known bugs and problems:
The package editor works only for cabal files without configurations.
MS Windows: The check for external modifications of source files does
not work.
MS Windows: Interruption of a background build does not work.
Navigation in Trace history does not work.

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