Mailing list should now work / Report about Leksah development

Jürgen Nicklisch-Franken jnf at
Wed Feb 11 17:49:14 EST 2009

The mailing list stopped working just after creation. Sorry if you tried
to post without success. It was a technical problem at,
which should be resolved now, as I was told.

I just commited new patches to, which has
new features:

Notebook flipper to change to other pane in most recently used order.  
Use Ctrl-Tab/Ctrl Shift-Tab or Ctrl-PageUp/PageDown.

Completion when typing any text in a source buffer. Currently completion
is always on but we will work on making this configurable.

Simple integration to lookup online docu on Hayoo/Hoogle (Docu button at
info pane). 

These features are contributions from Hamish who joined in with his Funa
project and has more to contribute. Thanks.

I plan to release a beta version of Leksah, after fixing bugs with
* source collector (on Windows)
* import helper
* new module construction from the modules pane 
* cabal editor + (enhancements)
* search by typing text in identifier field of the info pane
* and others which may be reported

And we will start working on integrating "dynamic" GHC for on the fly
error reporting, type checking, interpreting and debugging. This will be
the principal point we work on for the 1.0 release. Beside this I will
try to finish the started but not yet usable ClassBrowser and

At the same time I see the need for some internal restructuring:
* Use new Class based gtk2hs Events
* Replace the ugly Editor Parameters with something like gtk2hs
* Bring some structure to the ViewFrame module

If you have anything you want to be integrated in Leksah you may propose
it as a Summer of Code project.



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