leksah-head: ltk and binary-shared packages

Jürgen Nicklisch-Franken jnf at arcor.de
Sun Dec 6 16:09:54 EST 2009

Hi Mark,

> I actually thought of coding up support in the other direction: It
>  would be nice for Leksah to support projects that needed no more than
>  "ghc --make" to build. Several of my co-workers are learning Haskell,
>  and having to create a .cabal file just to compile their one and two
>  module experiments is a bit high of a bar.
> I imagine that it would be nice if Leksah offered support three forms of project:
> 	project build with just ghc --make (or just a single file build)
> 	project based on a .cabal file
> 	project based on a collection of the above

I see what you mean, but the cabal project file is currently underlying
the building and metadata part of Leksah. So I would prefer to work in
the direction to make the construction of the .cabal file as simple as
possible. And the same for a trivial workspace with just one package.

> I'd be interested to experiment with the above ideas and contribute...
>  if I could only get Leksah to build.... (next post...)

Help is very welcome, but I'm not the one who can help with Mac issues.


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