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I think I did "aptitude remove ghc6" at that time... but I've restarted the
whole thing already, so I can't be sure. Maybe that was the problem. Hmm...

Anyway, now I installed ghc-6.10.2 under /usr/local, which comes before /usr
in the PATH so the problem didn't appear again. Not the best solution, but
works so far.


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> On 09.04.2009 16:23, Mariana Bravo wrote:
> Hello,
>  I finally got everything to install OK. My problem was that I wanted to
>> install everything system wide, not in my home dir, so I ran into things
>> like sudo using ghc-pkg version 6.8.2 because the PATH was wrong and not
>> finding stuff that cabal installed in my home dir...
> I don't have ghc-pkg in my path without setting these to the home dir. Did
> you do aptitude remove ghc6 after building GHC from sources?
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