crahsing. can I help ?

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Wed Apr 8 00:19:34 EDT 2009

2009/4/6 luc.taesch at <luc.taesch at>

> I have regularly this one
> Now loading metadata ...
> Finished loading ...
> leksah: /build/buildd/cairo-1.8.0/src/cairo-pattern.c:2095:
> _cairo_pattern_get_extents: Assertion `status == CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS'
> failed.
> Aborted
> this happens for instance when I try to add a path to the meta data, but
> also sometimes just when browsing sources.
> note : I initially had gtk2hs from darcs, but then I went and Got excatly
> the 0.10.0 from tar, and did a rebuild.
> Can I provide you with some kind of dump/ post mortem, and especially the
> exact list of libraries I am using, in case this is the issue ? (I mean any
> way to get that out of leksah ?)

I don't think we have a tool for that yet.  I guess you could start with
uname -a (or just tell us what version if it is windows)
ghc-pkg list
pkg-config --modversion gtksourceview-2.0
ghc --version
cabal --version

Then let us know briefly how you installed ghc, gtk, gtk2hs and leksah.

You can log the issue here...
so it won't get forgotten.

I think Jurgen may have mentioned a problem like this before.  I can't
remember the details though and he is not back till next week.  It does
sound like it might be similar to the corrupt font issue we were having on
Windows.  We still have not had time to dig into the underlying cause of
that issue.  It seemed to go away when we disabled the code that checked for
modified files on disk.  We still need to find out why this is.

If you are on windows you should use process explorer ( to view the
list of .dll files used by leksah.  Make sure it is getting the version of
the libraries you expect (I have had problems before when a cygwin version
of GTK was on my PATH before the version that comes with the Gtk2Hs binary).

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