crahsing. can I help ? luc.taesch at
Sun Apr 5 12:56:26 EDT 2009

I have regularly this one

Now loading metadata ...
Finished loading ...
leksah: /build/buildd/cairo-1.8.0/src/cairo-pattern.c:2095:
_cairo_pattern_get_extents: Assertion `status == CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS'

this happens for instance when I try to add a path to the meta data, but
also sometimes just when browsing sources.

note : I initially had gtk2hs from darcs, but then I went and Got excatly
the 0.10.0 from tar, and did a rebuild.

Can I provide you with some kind of dump/ post mortem, and especially the
exact list of libraries I am using, in case this is the issue ? (I mean any
way to get that out of leksah ?)

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