iteratee countBytes, modifier which counts 'bytes'

Alex Lang lang at
Fri Jan 6 09:34:08 GMT 2012

Here is an updated patch which addresses some of the issues raised by Michael.

> 1) function name is very misleading, it should be called something
> like countElements or countConsumed

Indeed, I've changed the name to countConsumed for now.

> 2) function ignores value passed inside EOF constructor which means it
> can be controlled from Enumerator

I am threading the EOF streams through so I don't believe this is an issue

> 3) I suspect that "newLen = n + fromIntegral (LL.length c)" will cause
> memory leak because of lazyness.

Indeed, fixed in the new patch

Additionally, I've also changed the counter to be of generic Integral
type rather than Int64. In private communication with Michael, he
suggested that the type might as well be Integer, like some other
functions in GHC, which index into files:

hSeek :: Handle -> SeekMode -> Integer -> IO ()
hFileSize :: Handle -> IO Integer

This sounds reasonable to me.
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