iteratee -0.9

John Lato jwlato at
Mon Nov 7 22:19:53 GMT 2011

Some time ago I mentioned some of the desired features for
iteratee-0.9.  Some of the intended features could have rather large
implications on client code.

However, there are some smaller issues which I would like to to fix,
are easily addressed, and require a major version change.  Therefore
I'm proposing to release iteratee-0.9 soon (within 3 weeks) with the
following relatively minor changes:

1.  Add instances from monad-control and deprecate MonadCatchIO
2.  Change the type of throwRecoverableErr from:

  :: Monad m =>
     -> (Stream s -> Iteratee s m a) -> Iteratee s m a


  :: Monad m =>
     -> Iteratee s m a -> Iteratee s m a

3. create a callback newtype to simplify "enumFromCallbackCatch" and IO.
4. change argument orders to fileDriver* functions and some legacy
enumerators, which are currently inconsistent.
5. Deprecate Data.Iteratee.Char.printLines and printLinesUnterminated
(possibly move them to another module, but I don't think anyone's
using them)

I'd like to solicit opinions on these, as well as any other changes
which people would like to see that require a major release.


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