iteratee - release/homepage change

John Lato jwlato at
Mon Feb 21 22:13:36 GMT 2011

Dear All,

I'm pleased to announce the release of iteratee-  This version
introduces the following:

1) Nullable, NullPoint, and ReadableChunk instances for ByteString.Lazy
2) Iteratee.length has been changed.  The new version is perhaps slightly
slower, but won't overflow prematurely.
3) new functions "mapChunksM_", "breakE", and "printLinesUnterminated".
"breakE" is an enumeratee version of "break", and should be more efficient
(sometimes substantially so) in all cases.

Also, please note that I'm changing hosts.  The repo/homepage will
henceforth be

the address should point here for about a month (modulo
updates), however please update any repos before then.

I'd like to offer my sincerest thanks to Paulo Tanimoto for graciously
hosting this project up to now.

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