iteratee alternatives to MonadCatchIO

John Lato jwlato at
Thu Feb 10 08:03:03 GMT 2011


Recently many projects have been switching from MonadCatchIO, because that
library often doesn't do what users want in short-circuiting monads such as
Error.  I would like to know if there are any comments regarding iteratee
switching to either monad-peel[0] or monad-control[1].  Currently it looks
like monad-control is likely to supercede monad-peel in the near future as
it is more performant, however it's very new and not as well understood.

As I see it:

Pro monad-control:
1.  exception handling Does The Right Thing[2] with short-circuiting monads
2.  faster?

1.  Library is less stable, and less well understood
2.  Client code may need to be re-written



[2] I've always expected the behavior provided by MonadCatchIO, and some
client code may rely upon it, so I'm not convinced it's a universal good.
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