iteratee ANN: -0.5.0

John Lato jwlato at
Tue Oct 26 17:38:58 EDT 2010


I have recently released iteratee-0.5.0.  This is a very minor update from
the iteratee-0.4.x line.  I have bumped some version dependencies so the
package (and ListLike) should be buildable with the upcoming ghc-7.

The other change is to the types of "enumFromCallback" and
"enumFromCallbackCatch".  The callback type has been changed from

m (Either SomeException (Bool, s))


st -> m (Either SomeException ((Bool,st), s))

which is more generally useful.

These are all the changes from the 0.4 release, so in most cases code should
continue to work with no problems.

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