[HaTeX] Patch applied: New class instances for LaTeX and LaTeXT (and others)

Daniel Díaz danieldiaz at dhelta.net
Mon Oct 31 17:32:29 GMT 2011

* Changes applied:

-- Eq instance for LaTeX and LaTeXArg.
-- Num instance for LaTeX and LaTeXT.
-- MonadTrans instance for LaTeXT.
-- Eq instance for Label

You will notice a new module: Text.LaTeX.Base.Warnings. Here we will 
define a set of functions to generate warnings from a LaTeX value, about 
reference to undefined labels and other possible inconsistency signals 
in the LaTeX code. Any proposal list of possible warnings to implement 
will help.

Also, a couple of functions (liftFun and liftOp) are now exported by 
Text.LaTeX.Base.Writer. They lift functions and operatores over LaTeX to 
functions and operators over LaTeXT.

Finally, a directory "Examples" was added, to store helpful examples to 
learn to use HaTeX.

I hope not to miss something important.

Get the latest updated code here:


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