Dave Love fx at
Tue Dec 8 09:16:08 EST 2009

[Excuse me if this appears twice -- I don't seem to be having any luck
with Gmane.]

jao-mXXj517/zsQ at (Jose A. Ortega Ruiz) writes:

> Hi,
> A quick tip: i find it very useful to add to `haskell-mode-hook' a
> function to activate `capitalized-words-mode',

Note that this only works in Emacs 23, the version in Emacs 23.1 is
somewhat broken, and it made the wrong choice about adjacent caps.  The
fixed version
hasn't been used, but a bug report from someone else might work.

> It would be quite easy to add a
> customizable option to haskell-mode to activate capitalized words
> itself...

I thought I'd already sent a patch, but apparently not; I'll do it

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