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Jason Dagit dagitj at
Mon May 7 05:00:03 BST 2012

On Sun, May 6, 2012 at 7:15 AM, Don Stewart <dons00 at> wrote:

> Thanks Mark.
> Some comments:
> * random: yep, we just move it into the library set.
> * deepseq is in the list of supported libs, so we just have to make sure
> it is on every system - if it comes with ghc that's ok.
> * integer-* aren't parts of the platform, so we don't explicitly require
> them (same with hoopl, dph etc)
> * bump alex
> * OpenGL -- that's a tough one.
> With   OpenGL we are stalled - the package addition policy says that we
> have to get things like "ObjectNAme" and "StateVar" would have to be
> blessed for inclusion -- this will never happen.
> We need a version of OpenGL where those libs are private to OpenGL, and
> not exposed to regular Haskell users, then we can upgrade. Time has shown
> that they are small utilitiy libs only used by the GL package, so I think:
> /they should be folded into OpenGL, with maintainer support, then we can
> upgrade safely.

A few of them are used in other packages by Sven (like OpenAL), but as far
as I can tell OpenAL doesn't actually build anywhere (I only tried

Is that all I need to change (moving the extra stuff into an opengl

> Jason can likely help us with this.

What is my deadline for this?

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