package versions for 2012.2.0.0

Don Stewart dons00 at
Sun May 6 15:15:49 BST 2012

Thanks Mark.

Some comments:

* random: yep, we just move it into the library set.
* deepseq is in the list of supported libs, so we just have to make sure it
is on every system - if it comes with ghc that's ok.
* integer-* aren't parts of the platform, so we don't explicitly require
them (same with hoopl, dph etc)
* bump alex
* OpenGL -- that's a tough one.

With   OpenGL we are stalled - the package addition policy says that we
have to get things like "ObjectNAme" and "StateVar" would have to be
blessed for inclusion -- this will never happen.

We need a version of OpenGL where those libs are private to OpenGL, and not
exposed to regular Haskell users, then we can upgrade. Time has shown that
they are small utilitiy libs only used by the GL package, so I think: /they
should be folded into OpenGL, with maintainer support, then we can upgrade

Jason can likely help us with this.

-- Don

On Sat, May 5, 2012 at 7:35 PM, Mark Lentczner <mark.lentczner at>wrote:

> I've put together a straw-man list of packages:
> Outstanding questions about packages in the Platform:
> [ ] random is no longer part of GHC, but I'm assuming we will now have it
> as part of the HP set
> [ ] deepseq is supplied with GHC, but it was listed as an HP addition,
> consider it part of the GHC distribution now?
> [ ] haskell2000 wasn't listed in core.packages, but I'm assuming we
> consider it an exposed part of the GHC distribution
> [ ] Do we consider integer-gmp and/or integer-simple part of the platform?
> it was listed in core.packages, but not the haskell-platform.cabal file
> [ ] Verifying that the packages bin-package-db, binary, ghc-prim, and
> hoopl, while supplied with GHC are not considered part of HP
> [ ] Should we bumping alex to version 3?
> [ ] mtl will need MonadCatchIO-mtl- - do we make that part of the
> platform?
> [ ] updating OpenGL and GLUT to recent versions will require including
> packages: ObjectName, OpenGLRaw, GLURaw, StateVar, and Tensor. How do we
> want to proceed?
> Thoughts?
>  - Mark
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