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Thu Mar 22 14:40:44 GMT 2012

maintained package is still easy, theoretically. The
downside is that in the short term it may push some users
into cabal-hell more a little more quickly.
But that argument would keep us from upgrading
just about anything in the platform.

Hopefully the version of cabal going into the platform
will already reduce that problem. And anyway, in my
opinion anyone using any non-trivial combination of
packages outside the platform should be using one
of the sandboxing solutions, like cabal-dev or
virthualenv, or a framework-specific solution, like the
one provided with yesod. Until cabal gets significantly

So on balance, my vote is that we should avoid
stagnation and go with transformers 0.3 if we
can do so with out internal HP pain.

I would give a lot of weight to opinions expressed
by downstream packagers on this though.


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