Changes to GHC that will expose new packages

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Mon Mar 26 08:57:43 BST 2012


Am Montag, den 26.03.2012, 09:39 +0200 schrieb Magnus Therning:
> No, the main issue as I see it is the tying of mtl's release schedule
> to the release schedule of ghc, i.e. I can not upgrade the mtl offered
> for ArchLinux separately from ghc (without considerable effort on my
> part).

maybe this should be stressed for those who do not use a package distro
or its Debian packages: It is much harder to provide more than one
version of a library in Debian than it is on hackage. Not impossible (we
have done it for parsec and quickcheck), but lots of manual work.
Therefore, if GHC will provide these libraries publicly, these will be
the versions that distribution users will use, until a new GHC release
come out.

Worse then if some libraries or programs will actually depend on newer
versions; we will have a hard time supporting them.

A GHCi split would indeed help here: It would allow rebuilding GHCi with
a newer mtl or haskeline, without touching the GHC package.


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