Changes to GHC that will expose new packages

David Terei davidterei at
Thu Mar 22 20:56:53 GMT 2012

On 22 March 2012 08:46, Johan Tibell <johan.tibell at> wrote:
> Hi David,
> I don't think it'll be a problem in practice. However, I'm a bit
> worried that GHC's own dependencies "leak." like this (which was
> already the case before this proposed change.) Perhaps GHC should have
> it's own private package database where it register dependencies
> needed by the ghc and ghci packages?

Yes I completely agree. This is my first time getting involved in the
haskell package game but it immediately struck me as a problem we
shouldn't be having. I don't think I understand the situation well
enough at this time to suggest a solution and I also don't really have
much motivation to hack on a solution. But someone should :)


> Cheers,
>  Johan

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