Changes to GHC that will expose new packages

David Terei davidterei at
Thu Mar 22 20:54:54 GMT 2012

On 22 March 2012 13:34, Mark Lentczner <mark at> wrote:
> So the big change for Haskell Platform would be addition of haskeline,
> terminfo & utf8-string into the platform.
> Am I right in thinking that this matters because other exposed packages that
> come with GHC will export interfaces using types from these packages, right?
> Because if not, then there would be no need to expose these - they could be
> hidden.

No they could be hidden. They would need to be included but not
necessarily exposed if that makes a difference here.

> The concern about adding them would be, of course, like adding any library
> to the platform: Is it going to be an interface that is stable, supportable,
> more-or-less standard fare, and the obvious choice to promote.
> I would worry about promoting utf8-string in parallel with text. The later
> is surely a better way to go.
> Haskeline & terminfo seem like very specific, non-general packages, both of
> which have alternatives. I'm not sure how to think about their inclusion.

What alternatives would you suggest? I can try to rewrite the code in
question using more acceptable packages if they provide the needed


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