Changes to GHC that will expose new packages

Mark Lentczner mark at
Thu Mar 22 20:34:27 GMT 2012

So the big change for Haskell Platform would be addition of haskeline,
terminfo & utf8-string into the platform.

Am I right in thinking that this matters because other exposed packages
that come with GHC will export interfaces using types from these packages,
right? Because if not, then there would be no need to expose these - they
could be hidden.

The concern about adding them would be, of course, like adding any library
to the platform: Is it going to be an interface that is stable,
supportable, more-or-less standard fare, and the obvious choice to promote.

I would worry about promoting utf8-string in parallel with text. The later
is surely a better way to go.

Haskeline & terminfo seem like very specific, non-general packages, both of
which have alternatives. I'm not sure how to think about their inclusion.
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