Updated package list for major release

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 10 23:51:59 BST 2011

Hi all,

Thanks for responding to my question about what we should do for this
next release. So the plan is a major release using ghc-7.0.4 and bumping
all the packages to the latest versions (where possible).

So I've updated the haskell-platform.cabal file based on what looks like
the latest sensible versions.

I've moved the darcs repo back to:


Here are the version changes:

ghc           7.0.3       -->  7.0.4

fgl      -->
HUnit     -->
network     -->
QuickCheck     -->
regex-compat  0.93.1      -->  0.95.1
regex-posix   0.94.4      -->  0.95.1
syb           0.3         -->  0.3.3
xhtml         3000.2.0.1  -->  3000.2.0.4
HTTP          4000.1.1    -->  4000.1.2
text    -->

Some packages are not updated to their latest hackage versions:

      * cgi: latest versions depend on MonadCatchIO-mtl which is not in
        the platform.
      * OpenGL, GLUT: later versions depend on ObjectName, StateVar,
        Tensor which are not in the platform.
      * deepseq: latest version of parallel requires a slightly older
        version of deepseq
      * alex: latest alex is the very new version 3 which makes new
        assumption that everything is utf8. I don't think things have
        been tested with this yet and some things are bound to break.

Obviously there are also all the core packages. We have to stick with
the versions of the core packages that come with ghc 7.0.4, e.g. Cabal.
(That said, I could release a newer cabal-install that builds against
the version of Cabal that comes with 7.0.4.)



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