Plans for next release

Wilson MacGyver wmacgyver at
Thu Sep 8 03:00:51 BST 2011

great! thank you for the good work :)

On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 10:13 PM, Mark Lentczner <mark at> wrote:
>> 1: will ghc for OSX be 64bit by default this time around?
> I'm game either way. I've heard no serious issues with the 64-bit version,
> so we could "default" to it, or only build it. At this point, only 5+ year
> old machines or folks still on 10.5 would be out.
>> 2: is it going to be an issue that for a lot of the new OSX, gcc no
>> longer exist, it's clang-gcc now.
> I don't think this will pose an issue. I now have a Lion machine and
> bleeding-edge Mac, so I'll be able to ensure that that configuration works
> too.
>> 3: any chance we can have uninstall instructions to uninstall previous
>> versions? :)
> Yup! My plan is to make this both part of the installer, and an installed
> script this time 'round. The script was very new last time, but many have
> used it now and it seems to work for all, so I'm ready to include it by
> default.
>  - Mark

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