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Richard G. richardg at
Tue Sep 6 18:00:10 BST 2011

The most recently available Macs that are 32-bit only, the Core-series 
Mac Mini, were shipping a hair over 4 years ago.

The first generation of Intel-based desktops used the 32-bit-only Core 
processors.  The last model to switch to the 64-bit capable Core 2 
processors was the Mac Mini; the announcement of the new models was made 
on August 7, 2007.

I don't know if this information will affect decisions (I personally 
prefer 64-bit by default) but I thought it best pipe up, just in case.

Richard G.

On 11-09-06 6:34 AM, Thomas Schilling wrote:
> On 6 September 2011 03:13, Mark Lentczner<mark at>  wrote:
>>> 1: will ghc for OSX be 64bit by default this time around?
>> I'm game either way. I've heard no serious issues with the 64-bit version,
>> so we could "default" to it, or only build it. At this point, only 5+ year
>> old machines or folks still on 10.5 would be out.
> I have such a machine (and it still works fine).  I'm pretty sure,
> though, that I had to manually compile GHC for the last two releases.
> Either due to some installer issue (10.6 required) or because of a
> missing bindist which would allow me to put it into a custom
> directory.  So, as long as this path is still available I don't mind
> dropping a the 32bit platform installer.

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