Plans for next release

Yitzchak Gale gale at
Tue Sep 6 13:35:08 BST 2011

Hi Mark, thanks for all the great news about the upcoming goodies in
the next HP release on Mac OS X!

Wilson MacGyver wrote:
>> will ghc for OSX be 64bit by default this time around?

Mark Lentczner wrote:
> I'm game either way. I've heard no serious issues with the 64-bit version,
> so we could "default" to it, or only build it. At this point, only 5+ year
> old machines or folks still on 10.5 would be out.

In that case, it would be nice if the slick default installer, seen by most
people, would be 64-bit.

If we can also provide some fairly easy solution for those still stuck on
32-bit-only, it would be friendly. Let's say, a tarball that installs 32-bit
GHC and cabal install somewhere like /usr/local, and then just cabal install
the platform.


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