Plans for next release

Mark Lentczner mark at
Tue Sep 6 03:13:56 BST 2011

> 1: will ghc for OSX be 64bit by default this time around?
I'm game either way. I've heard no serious issues with the 64-bit version,
so we could "default" to it, or only build it. At this point, only 5+ year
old machines or folks still on 10.5 would be out.

2: is it going to be an issue that for a lot of the new OSX, gcc no
> longer exist, it's clang-gcc now.
I don't think this will pose an issue. I now have a Lion machine and
bleeding-edge Mac, so I'll be able to ensure that that configuration works

> 3: any chance we can have uninstall instructions to uninstall previous
> versions? :)
Yup! My plan is to make this both part of the installer, and an installed
script this time 'round. The script was very new last time, but many have
used it now and it seems to work for all, so I'm ready to include it by

 - Mark
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