[haskell-platform] #165: Unclear state of MinGW+MSYS in relation to Haskell Platform

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Mon Mar 14 19:18:45 GMT 2011

#165: Unclear state of MinGW+MSYS in relation to Haskell Platform
 Reporter:  han_joosten  |       Owner:  dons
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 The haskell platform 2010 as well as 2011 comes with MinGW+MSYS, as far as
 I can tell. However, when I had freshly installed the HP 2011.2.0.0, the
 first thing I did is build my project with it. I was able to do so with
 version 2010.2.0.0, but not any more. I get the following message:

 cabal: The package has a './configure' script. This requires a Unix
 compatibility toolchain such as MinGW+MSYS or Cygwin.

 I am pretty sure I didn't have to install MinGW+MSYS myself in the
 previous version, and it didn't complain. Of course, I could install MinGW
 myself, but if that is required, what is the use of having it as a
 component of the platform?

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