[haskell-platform] #182: Haskell Platform will not install on current Macintosh

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Sun Jul 31 08:00:16 BST 2011

#182: Haskell Platform will not install on current Macintosh
 Reporter:  fwburton       |        Owner:  MtnViewMark
     Type:  defect         |       Status:  new        
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Component:  OSX installer  |   Resolution:             
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Comment(by fwburton):

 Replying to [comment:4 MtnViewMark]:
 > The error is indicative of a corrupted download. I doubt it has anything
 to do with Lion or Xcode -- the installer isn't even getting as far as
 reading the contents of the packages!
 > I believe the MD5 of that version of the Mac installer package should
 be: 1782d246279fd4c44ac7696221fd055a
 > Is that what you have?

 The MD5 was wrong.  I downloaded twice more, once with a bad MD5 and
 finally with a good MD5.  I had the same problem again,
 even with the correct value for MD5.

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