Including cabal-install in the platform source tarball

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at
Sun Feb 27 15:45:28 GMT 2011

All -

Don and I talked a bit about this at BayHac: The .cabal file for
Haskell Platform can't include cabal-install because (if I recall)
cabal can't handle cabal-install as a build-tool dependency. This
normally doesn't matter (I suppose) because if someone is using
haskell-platform.cabal to install the platform, then they already must
have cabal-install installed (though perhaps not the right version?)

However, seems to me this make a glaring omission in the source
tarball, since cabal-install isn't there. As i build the Mac OS X
installer from that, cabal-install isn't showing up.

I have a patch to src/generic/ that uncomments
cabal-install in a copy of haskell-platform.cabal before it is fed to
Build.hs. This is (gack) done with sed. It would probably be better
for the "OFFICIAL" haskell-platform.cabal file to include
cabal-install, and then have some script comment it out for the "use
this to cabal install the platform" .cabal file.

Thoughts? In particular, is there any problem including cabal-install
in the source tarball?

- Mark

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