Where is the CABAL file for haskell-platform 2010.2.0.0?

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Wed Feb 9 18:39:48 GMT 2011

> > I'm not sure I'm reading the release plan for 2011.x.0.0[1] correctly
> (Currently it is offline...) but my understanding is that
> 2011.1.0.0 is a beta release currently based on ghc-7.0.1
> (ie what is currently in darcs), whereas 2011.2.0.0 will be a stable
> release (based on ghc-7.0.2 or later).
> Though I agree it is a little confusing listing the two
> releases together though I guess the thinking was that
> they are both part of the HP 2011 process.
> It would be nice to see an updated schedule anyway.
> > expecting that the link on the front page[2] would lead to the
> > 2010.2.0.0 release until a new stable version was released.  This
> > doesn't seem to be the case however:
> Yes it would be nice to have versions of the released .cabal files
> available online somewhere for reference.  In fact it don't really
> understand why haskell-platform releases can't live on hackage
> (possibly with some exception in cabal-install, etc if necessary).

They can't go live last time I checked due to tool dependencies that
cabal-install was unable to resolve. That situation might have changed :
I'll know more this weekend.

There's a ticket about this issue.

-- Don

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