Status of Haskell Platform?

Isaac Dupree ml at
Mon May 24 13:28:30 EDT 2010

On 05/24/10 03:27, Don Stewart wrote:
> We're modelling ourselves on gnome and ubuntu, which have well
> specified timetables for developers
> (and I agree we could do better to specify), while hiding that info
> from downloaders. If in doubt, look at the HP wiki!
> So how do we balance the curious developers who don't want to click
> through to the wiki, with the very curious, who read the wiki, and the
> totally incurious, who click the first 'Download' button?

I tried to find the link to the wiki from .  Is it the one labeled 
"Problems?"?  (That's not a very good name for a link to HP-development 
information.  The name sounds like it might lead to a boring dead-end.)

> I think the best approach would be to keep the release timetable in
> some pretty form linked directly
> from the front page. A "Learn more about the HP" page or something,
> that explains the key info: timetable,
> how to add packages, who to contact for problems.

I agree.  There's already a "Learn more..." on that page, which 
currently contains:
1. overview
2. download info & links to tutorials
3. semi-detailed information about the Platform's contents, somewhat 
beginner-friendly but perhaps kind of tedious to wade through.

Would that be a good place to add development timeline information? 
IMHO this is important info for anyone who develops against the HP and 
intends other people to use their code: to at least be aware of how 
ahead or behind you're coding relative to when libraries updates come out...


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