using bleeding edge ghc with the platform?

Bill O'Hara billtohara at
Tue May 18 13:38:42 EDT 2010


I understand the thinking behind the release cycle, but am wondering
how people cope with the desire to use more bleeding edge ghc
versions. I'd rather not sacrifice the convenience of the platform if
at all possible.

Eg. I'd like to use the repa library, and it's suggested to use ghc >
6.13.20100309 for a large performance boost. Since I'm writing
parallel code to get more perf, this is a strong draw.

Is there any way to easily convince the various bits to let me
masquerade a top of tree ghc as whichever version is expected by the
most recent haskell platform? (6.12.1 seems to be it, though I thought
there was to be a release supporting 6.12.2 in april).


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