Windows installer 2010.2.0.0 RC1

Mikhail Glushenkov the.dead.shall.rise at
Sat Jul 17 09:18:57 EDT 2010

Hi Claus,

On Sat, Jul 17, 2010 at 10:53 AM, Claus Reinke <claus.reinke at> wrote:
>> I've uploaded the 2010.2.0.0 release candidate installer to
>> Unless someone finds serious bugs in this RC, it can be released
>> unchanged.
>> Known issues:
>>   See
> Are you using the ghc-6.12.3 release or current daily snapshots?

I'm using the 6.12.3 release, as per the 2010.2.0.0 specification.

I did notice some issues with links in haddock docs, but I'm not sure
whether it's OK to use a daily snapshot. The best solution probably
would be to build GHC myself with just the patch you mentioned, but I
do not have time to do that ATM.

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