[Gtk2hs-users] Installing gtk2hs with GHC

Axel Simon Axel.Simon at in.tum.de
Fri Jul 16 10:10:08 EDT 2010

Hi Bulat,

thanks for the report.

On 16.07.2010, at 15:40, Bulat Ziganshin wrote:

> "cabal install gtk" actually failed for me since it tried to search  
> for
> gtk2hs-buildtools files near to directory where i have left cabal.exe,
> so i have added the "0." step

The build tools should be found when they are on the path. They cannot  
be installed automatically due tedious technical reasons.

So you're saying that the gtk2hs* tools were on your PATH but were not  
found by the Setup program? That'd be bad.

In order for ghci to work on Windows, you actually need Cabal 1.8.


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