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#124: Windows installer messes up directory structure
 Reporter:  Toxaris            |        Owner:  refold  
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Comment (by Toxaris):

 From what I can tell, the zlib packages may actually be registered

 >ghc-pkg describe zlib
 import-dirs: $topdir\extralibs\zlib-\ghc-6.12.1
 library-dirs: $topdir\extralibs\zlib-\ghc-6.12.1
 include-dirs: $topdir\extralibs\zlib-\ghc-6.12.1\include
 includes: zlib.h

 So with an appropriate {{{$topdir}}}, this should work.

 And {{{ghc-pkg field zlib include-dirs}}} returns the correct path to the

 >ghc-pkg field zlib include-dirs

 This is the correct path, but this path is not passed to {{{gcc}}} when
 using {{{cabal install}}}. Instead, {{{...\2010.1.0.0\extralibs\...}}} is

 So maybe {{{$topdir}}} is sometimes expanded correctly to
 {{{c:/Haskell/Platform/2010.1.0.0/lib}}}, and sometimes incorrectly to

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