Next major platform release? Date planning.

Don Stewart dons at
Sun Jan 31 17:49:06 EST 2010

The existing release timetable is here:

But GHC 6.12 is out, and the time has come to prepare for the next
release. In fact, some distros have already moved to 6.12, and the
usual issues with parsec/QuickCheck are still there.

Let's make this release one to really clean up the QuickCheck and parsec mess!!

I would argue for:

 * Period for adding new packages: Open now!!! (Gives us just on 6
weeks to discuss adding new things).
 * Package freeze: Mar 14, 2010
 * Major release date: Mar 21, 2010, during the Haskell Hackathon in Zurich

Any thoughts?

Duncan? Maintainers?

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