Mark Lentczner markl at
Sun Dec 19 21:14:41 EST 2010

I took a look at the licenses for the included projects.

They are all, but one, BSD3-like, though there are several minor variants of the actual license text.

The exception is syb which is part BSD3, and two parts which are based on the Haskell 98 report license.

The installer has the ability to show a license notice to the user and ask them to agree to it. The notice presented by the GHC installer concatenates the GHC BSD3-like license and the LGPL license for GMP into one long page.

I propose instead to show a much shorter page, something like:

	"The components in this package are governed by several open source licenses:
	  GHC system: BSD3
	  GMP library: LGPL
	  Haskell Platform Libraries: BSD3 & Haskell Report 98
	Details can be found on the web at the [Haskell Platform site].
	The components are each installed with their respective license files."

The [Haskell Platform site] should be a link to a live web page that would show all the details.

Another option is to concatenate all licenses after the summary text above.

A third option is to not have the installer show the licenses, nor ask for a formal "I Agree" step, and instead, simply point out the licenses in the README presented at install time, and in the installed "Start" HTML doc.

Thoughts? What do the other installers for Haskell Platform do?

	- Mark

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