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#151: No links from packages back to Haddock index
 Reporter:  Orphi        |        Owner:  DavidWaern
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Comment (by MtnViewMark):

 Currently haddock pages have only one "Contents" button - and given the
 work flow, this almost always points to the package's contents page. One
 can pass a flag when generating the doc pages to have "Contents" link
 elsewhere (like the master Contents, but I suspect that isn't right

 Probably what we want is a flag in haddock that adds an "All Packages"
 link back to master Contents. This can appear in the same position as the
 "Contents" link, so a simple two clicks would take you from a module page
 back to the master contents.

 That said, I'm not clear that cabal always can figure out where that
 master contents page is at configure time...

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